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West Virginia has thousands of acres of prime farmland, pastureland, and rangeland. We help connect farmers and ranchers looking to buy or rent acreage in West Virginia with landowners who have acreage in West Virginia that's available for sale or lease.

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For West Virginia Farmers and Ranchers:

The prime land in West Virginia provides farmers and ranchers with excellent opportunities to find and utilize prime tillable land for crops, as well as pasture land, meadows, and rangeland for cattle and livestock.

We help you find the additional acreage you're looking for, so you can expand your operations successfully.

For West Virginia Landowners:

If you own West Virginia acreage, you have a valuable asset that can provide you with recurring income and financial security.

We can help you sell your West Virginia acreage through our extensive nationwide network. If you're interested in leasing your land out, we can help you get the best rental rates for your acreage, so you maximize the cash flow potential of your land.

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West Virginia Acreage Value and Rental Price Data

Information on West Virginia land values is available here.

Rental prices for West Virginia acreage, cropland (irrigated and non-irrigated), and pasture land is available here.

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